Thursday, November 17, 2011

I guess I get around...

I blame my parents for my nomadic nature. When I was two years old, they packed our family up and flew us to live in Scotland for four years. We stopped in Hong Kong on the way, toured around Europe during our time there, then returned home via Disneyland. From then, it's been on. My family now lives in three countries, and between the five of us we have 2.4 citizenship's/ residency's per person. I've been to 26 countries and flown through 67 airports. I'm not the most travelled person I know, but I've been around.

In 1992 I got caught up in Olympic fever for the first time. I got up at the crack of dawn in Melbourne to watch Perkins and Kowalski go 1-2 in the 1500m final in the Barcelona Olympic pool. From then, it was on. I became a swimming fan, and in turn, a mediocre swimmer, then runner and now triathlete. Over the last 18 months preparing for my first Ironman, I've been privileged to travel across Canada and have trained and raced on every corner of continent (I'm choosing to ignore Alaska, beautiful as it is).

Most people have a lot of fun travelling and enjoy meeting people and being exposed to new experiences. Though there are a previous few of us who know that athletic pursuits such as swimming, cycling and running offer the same opportunities. Even more so, does travelling for training and racing offer tremendous experiences.

Through this blog, I'm looking forward to sharing the parts of the world you normally wouldn't get to see if not cycling, swimming or running. I'm excited to share with you the stories of travelling athletes and their hints and tips for training on the road. Welcome to my Travelling Athletes blog!